Cynthia Peacock, bio

Fine Art Painting (oils and watercolors) could be considered my 5th “career” even though by “day” I am a practicing Residential Interior Design Consultant. My previous careers were as Modern Dancer / Fashion Merchandising and Design / Chef / professional Interior Designer specializing in Hospitality Design (hotels-resorts) and Instructor of Residential Design at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design.

Since relocating to Boulder, 10 years ago, I have been extremely fortunate to be inspired by and study with a few outstanding artists/painters, most noteworthy, Jordan Wolfson. Boulder has also offered ample opportunities to take advantage of many excellent art workshops, especially thanks to Cara Luneau and her

Fine art painting, for me, draws upon all my past experiences, but I am most interested in exploring my environment and learning deeply to “SEE” versus just “looking around.” Of course, all the elements and principles of design and art are meaningful, considering my background! I find it a constant challenge to “record” the 3 dimensional landscape into the magic of 2-D on canvas or paper.

As I delve into the world of painting, I continue to coach/consult as an Interior Designer www.peacock- and working with client’s works of art and collections bring much pleasure.